It’s a School Night

GivingIt'a a School Night

How your non-profit youth based organization can host a benefit night at Nosh & Grog.

Nosh & Grog will choose the beneficiary at least 3 weeks in advance, so the beneficiary can get the word out to its supporters. The beneficiary is expected to promote the event via social media, public relations and marketing efforts to drive their fundraising efforts. The more people you bring in to support your cause, the more you money you can raise.

This is one time it’s a great time to celebrate “It’s A School Night!”

Step One:

Complete the application for your organization to participate in “It’s a School Night” and return it to the manager at the Nosh & Grog either by mail or email. There is a link to the application on the left side of this page. All requests for student/youth organizations for grade 6 and older must come from the students (not from Mom), we see this as a learning opportunity for the students involved. Younger student groups and special needs groups may be organized by an adult.

We will review your request, and if your organization is selected to participate, we will contact to you to schedule your “School Night” benefit night at Nosh & Grog.

Step Two:

Once your organization is qualified we will discuss the ways that you will get the word out about your benefit night and how to maximize this opportunity. This promotion activity, on your part, will make sure as many of your supporters as possible will come and it may also reach out to new supporters of your cause as well. As part of your application, check each of the following actions that your organization will do to ensure your successful benefit night.

Step Three:

Have fun on you “school night” and raise money for your group’s cause