Today’s Beer List

beerToday’s Beer List

Grog / Drink

Yes – we have a full bar including carefully crafted cocktails, a wine list that was awarded Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence” along with a special recognition for “an affordable list with a low price mark up”… and “the best beer list in the area”, scroll down to see what we are pouring for beers today.

grog /ɡräɡ/ (informal)  noun: 1) a drink, 2) [informal] alcoholic drink, especially beer, 3) spirits (originally rum) mixed with water (credited as the original cocktail);  verb: to drink

slang: “get your grog on”

The great people in the photo are from Reebok CrossFit Medfield – thanks for the pic

Grog “Get Your Grog On”